Admin, admin, admin!

6 Aug 2020 • 2 minute read

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In our survey in July 2020, we asked user researchers about administrative tasks involved in their jobs.

How much time on average do you spend on administrative tasks?

87% (33/38 respondents) spend 11-30% of their time on administrative tasks. This is a fairly significant amount of time for any user reseacher considering their value is in developing an understanding of their users.

bar chart showing time taken on administrative tasks

What are the most painful and timing consuming tasks?

When probed further about what is the most painful and time consuming tasks, the top two are finding previous user research followed by identifying and recruiting participants.

bar chart showing time taken on administrative tasks

At Pipette, we are helping people to work more efficiently and effectively by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. Find out more about our key features in the product page.

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