Empowering people to create great products through user research

A platform for user researchers to plan, conduct and analyse research

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Improve traceability

One platform showing a list of research projects means easy access to data and information as it is not sitting in someone’s mailbox or in the depths of a shared drive.

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Increase awareness

Plan your user research and share with your stakeholders such as UX, product and technology using our access rights feature. This increases awareness of user research in the pipeline and ensures everyone is engaged.

Connect with agencies and labs

Save time by referring to our database of participant recruitment agencies and usability labs. Add your selections into your user research plans.

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Save research operations costs

Many companies are setting up research operations team to manage their user research needs. Use this platform to support your work and save on employing additional staff.

And many more benefits...

Start with templates

Get a head start with templates such as consent forms and interview scripts from your company or use the collection from our library.

Track research costs

Keep track of costs on participants and use of usability labs to ensure your team does not go over budget or ask for more next financial year!

Manage people’s time

Add facilitators and observers for each piece of user research in a project so you can plan ahead and avoid clashes in resources.

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